Ah pimples under the skin, they are annoying aren't they? They hide just under your upper skin surface to taunt you. You can't get to them easily where they are located. So what are ways to get rid of these unwanted guests? You can try the following method : Use warm water to open up your pores, then use a good non aggressive scrub to softly remove the upper skin cells - with some luck those pimples under the skin will be taken away by the scrub particles. Remember to rub your skin gently while playing around with the scrub, because if you do this too aggressively it can damage your skin and cause redness. Do note that redness will probably appear any way since you are stimulating the skin, but it should fade rather quickly.

The method above only works for relatively small pimples under the skin. If you have pimples that are big, or cysts - then we strongly recommend you do not try to pop them or push them

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This will only cause the infected area to grow because bacteria can spread due to the force applied on it. If you have aggressive larger pimples that just won't go away, then you are better off buying professional products with ingredients that slowly work to disintegrate the pimple(s), and uses your body's natural healing abilities for the healing process.

Also, usually the small white pimples under the skin shouldn't hurt when you touch them. If they do hurt it is recommend you do not touch them too much.

If the pimples eventually do develop into more superficial pimples with a yellow head it may be save to pop them if you disinfect the area properly (not doing so will cause the infection to spread, rapidly). Trying to pop pimples that do not have yellow heads will only push the root further into your skin - they aren't ready yet.

To prevent these particular pimples it is important to keep your skin clean. A good skin care regime will do your skin good. The most important ingredient of that skin care regime is an antibacterial face wash. They will properly clean the skin and kill off most bacteria roaming around on the top layer of your skin. Some have better penetrative properties than others, so make sure you look at various reviews on the web, or even better - ask a dermatologist.

Another method is quite gentle. Grab a wash cloth, soak it in warm water and put it on the area of your skin that is affected by pimples. The warm water will slowly start pulling out pus (the bad stuff you want to get rid of). Application time may vary, but 5 minutes should do the job. After that wash your skin with warm water again (to remove any dirt) and then end with cold water (which closes the pores).


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One other thing that you need to keep in mind is that pimples are often caused by stress. Reducing your stress level should have a noticeable effect on your skin. Most of the time pimples appear because of a mixture of triggers such as stress, hormones, and a bad diet. The latter has been hard to prove scientifically, but many people have reported that they have noticed an increase in pimples when eating fat foods. Chocolate is often mentioned as trigger. Knowing what you eat and monitoring your skin health is important in preventing future outbreaks of pimples. There are many ways to prevent acne outbreaks, but it takes discipline, and a willingness to monitor your food intake and overal wellness. Minimizing acne effects can be done by following the guidelines on this page.